SchoolBridge connects your teams… students, caregivers and staff, to share information, submit online requests & permission slips and more.

SchoolBridge connects your teams… students, caregivers and staff, allowing them to share information, handle online requests & permission slips, log health and safety issues and more.

SchoolBridge is a collection of tools that help connect your school’s community. SchoolBridge helps your students, staff, caregivers and leadership team in sharing information and meeting administrative obligations, all based on the KAMAR data you already have.


Absence Reporting

Fast and secure absence reporting for caregivers... no app needed!

This feature enables caregivers to alert your staff of student absences using a mobile-optimised interface that requires caregivers to authenticate using their KAMAR account information.

Zoom in on the SchoolBridge absence notification web-app as seen on a mobile phone

Online Permission Slips

No more lost permission slips! Take permission slips on-line and get confirmations from caregivers securely via their KAMAR credentials.

SchoolBridge’s online permission slips gives your team a paperless alternative to traditional permission slips. Because of our tight integration with KAMAR it’s easy to create trips and assign students and staff from the the classes and groups that are already defined in KAMAR. Staff can choose from pre-defined permission forms to capture the required information from caregivers, define trip specifics and attach itineraries or other documents.

Caregivers receive an email containing a link to the permission form where they must log in using their KAMAR account. Staff can monitor responses and send reminders to caregivers. Detailed reports and data export are available for all data.

Zoom in on the SchoolBridge Permission Slip web-app as seen on a mobile phone

EOTC & Staff Requests

Go paperless with EOTC requests, staff leave and other types of requests.

Take advantage of our pre-built EOTC forms or create your own to fit your needs. Our system allows you to create multi-stage approval processes to make sure every T gets crossed.

Zoom in on the SchoolBridge EOTC requests web-app as seen on a mobile phone

Resource Sharing

Publish documents and information to specific audiences in your school’s community.

Scenario: Your school is has been selected to take part in a learning exchange with a school in Japan. A group of students, teachers and caregivers have been selected to travel to Japan for a month, necessitating a mountain of forms, checklists, itineraries and other documents that need to be shared with this group. To solve this you create a ‘Japan Trip’ group in KAMAR and add the people going on the trip. Then in SchoolBridge as you add the necessary documents and information you simply assign them to the ‘Japan Trip’ group. Now whenever one of the group members logs into SchoolBridge they have instant access to all of the information (and only if they are in the Japan Trip group). No more lost e-mails, no more excuses!


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