Hail Integration

Connect SchoolBridge and SchoolSite with your Hail Account to automatically load sent campaigns into your site 

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Sending Newsletters

Publishing Newsletters in SchoolBridge has always been an easy task for your school administration team, Link to a newsletter from SchoolSend, a PDF or MailChimp email. 

Now you can connect to your Schools Hail Account and we will automatically load new campaigns as you send them out!

All you need to do now is send out the link with a free Push Notification using the SchoolBridge App.

Getting Connected

Follow these simple Instructions:

  • Login to your Hail Account, click on your Name (top right), and click on the menu item Account.
  • Scroll down to the Developers Section. Click on Manage developer settings.
  • You can then make a new APP, copy the details in to the fields on this screen, and save.
    • App Name: SchoolBridge
    • App Icon: Download
    • Redirect URI: https://api.bridge.school.nz/hail/connect
  • You will then be prompted to connect your account.

Once connected to Hail, your SchoolBridge Newsletter feed will check for send hail publications every 4 hours. These will show using the hero photo. 
If you have a website with us using out SchoolSite platform, this can also automatically display your Published Hail Publications on your website.

If you use our SchoolSend feature instead of Hail, all of the above is an option too - contact us for more information.

Push Notifications using the SchoolBridge App are included in your subscription. SMS Message incur a cost.