Resources & Secure Content

SchoolBridge also includes an information publishing system that allows you to publish any kind of content (text, images, video, downloadable documents) and serve them to all of your users.

Publish documents and information to specific audiences in your school’s community.

When creating a resource to share with your community, you can determine who will have access to it by matching access rights to the roles, groups and year levels you have defined in your SMS for staff, students or caregivers.

To make a specific content easy to find, SchoolBridge also allows you to create a direct link on on the dashboard that will link users directly to the resource.

Scenario: Your school has been selected to take part in a learning exchange with a school in Japan. A group of students, teachers and caregivers have been selected to travel to Japan for a month, necessitating a mountain of forms, checklists, itineraries and other documents that need to be shared with this group. To solve this you create a ‘Japan Trip’ group in KAMAR and add the people going on the trip. Then in School- Bridge as you add the necessary documents and information you simply assign the to the ‘Japan Trip’ group. Now whenever one of the group members logs into School- Bridge they have instant access to all of the information (and only if they are in the Japan Trip group). No more lost emails, no more excuses!