Single Sign-On, Magic Link, & Dashboards

There are an increasing number of online services and information sources that schools need to share with their communities. For caregivers and students you may offer services like the KAMAR portal, SchoolPoint course selection, Google Classrooms as well as static collections of information intended for internal audiences. For your users, it can be a confusing exercise to know where to login for what service to find the information they need.

SchoolBridge gives your community a single point of access to all of your services and a convenient place for your team to share collections of information to specific groups within your community.

Magic Link: No more “What‘s my Password?“...

Magic Link allows caregivers to sign in to SchoolBridge even if they have forgotten their password. When enabled, caregivers see the option to sign in using ‘Magic Link’, where they enter their email address and are directed to check their email account for an email that contains the magic link. Clicking the link automatically signs them into SchoolBridge, as well SchoolPoint and the KAMAR portal. Combined with the SchoolBridge sibling switcher, Magic Link eliminates the need for your team to support caregivers that have forgotten their passwords.

Single Sign-on & Sibling Switcher

With SchoolBridge you can give your community a single place to login for everything you offer. Users can sign in using the account they use with your SMS, or a Google or Microsoft linked account depending on what your school prefers. Once signed in, your users will not be required to sign in again as they navigate the various services your offer them.

For caregivers that have more than one student at your school, SchoolBridge also offers a convenient sibling switcher that allows them to quickly switch between the students attached to their account.


The Dashboards module allows you to customise a selection of linked icons for each group (students, staff, caregivers) to link them to the services and information of your choosing.

When a user logs into SchoolBridge, the system will recognise if they are a student, staff or caregiver and show them only the links and information you have curated for them. Dashboard links can direct users to specific locations within SchoolBridge, the KAMAR portal, SchoolPoint or external services