Student & Caregiver Forms

Forms that students and caregivers can can initiate and submit securely online.

Create forms to securely collect information from your students and caregivers

SchoolBridge now has the ability for you to create forms that students or caregivers can initiate. The forms you create can be for any purpose and are only accessible by your community.

Because users must login for access, all forms and collected form data are securely stored in SchoolBridge. Once signed in, a student or caregiver will have an option to ‘Start Form’ where they will find a list of all of the forms available to them. 

You can check the submissions of a given form at any time, and a summary of submissions can be emailed to a team member each week. Like with our online Permission Slips, there are comprehensive export and reporting options, as well as the ability to allow staff to collaboratively  manage the submissions.