Secure Sibling Switcher

For caregivers that have more than one student at your school, SchoolBridge offers a convenient sibling switcher that allows them to quickly switch between the students attached to their account.

Caregiver engagement depends on making access to information and services as easy as possible.

Like you, caregivers frequently ‘just want to get it done’. When they are responsible for more than one student at your school and need to navigate digital systems, they can often be frustrated by dealing with multiple accounts, logins etc. 

The sibling switcher feature allows caregivers to quickly switch between their students and get things done for them. Once invoked, the switch applies to all of the features offered in SchoolBridge as well as other services such as SchoolPoint and the KAMAR portal and the caregiver will see the appropriate information for the student in question. Switching back to the original student is also just a click away.

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