EOTC Management

EOTC management can be a daunting task for Schools to tackle. Successful EOTC management involves capturing lots of details and collaboration about those details to make sure that everyone involved is in the loop.

For most schools EOTC management has been done using a combination of paper-based forms and email, or complicated digital systems that were not built with EOTC in mind and therefore have functionality gaps that require additional manual tracking.

These systems are often difficult for staff to navigate and lead to a less-than-ideal situation where important EOTC event tracking points are missed, incomplete, or spread across disjointed email chains.

SchoolBridge solves these issues by providing your team with an easy-to-use, central, and purpose-built system for managing your EOTC workflow.


In designing SchoolBridge we followed the guidelines provided by Education Outdoors New Zealand (EONZ) to ensure that we built a system that is capable of fulfilling all of the recommended requirements for EOTC management.

Student Management System Integration

SchoolBridge connects to your school’s SMS data meaning that the staff, department and student and caregiver information that you already have can be put to work, and help remove most of the repetitive work involved with EOTC management.

Approval stages

As you build forms to define your EOTC workflow you can set up multi-step approval stages and assign specific stages to specific staff members. 

Discussion & Collaboration

With each EOTC proposal submission, a discussion area is created so that the submitter and the approvers can discuss the proposal, ask questions and support each other in working though the details of the event. 

At each stage of the approval process team members are kept updated by email notifications. Additional options allow you to invite staff members who are not directly involved in the event to take part in the conversation or just to keep them in the loop. 

Online Permission Slip System

Once your team have worked through the event proposal and completed the planning and the event is approved, the on-line permission slip system comes into play. 

Thanks to the live link with your SMS, it is easy to choose the students who are participating in the event, attach attending staff members and send all of the required information and forms to caregivers for approval. 

Caregivers receive an email notification and tap a link to give their approval and fill out a form to collect any information you need from them.

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Take-A-long, Review and Reporting

To have on hand while conducting the event, SchoolBridge offers several convenient print out reports that help event leaders stay informed. Staff can generate a report that includes lists of attending staff and students, caregivers and their contact details. This report also includes a list that highlights students with specials needs, or allergy flags from your SMS. 

At the conclusion of the EOTC event, your team can return to the event proposal workflow to complete an event evaluation form that is specific to the the event. Likewise as part of the permission slip, an option can be set to allow caregivers to provide feedback about the event.

The proposal submission along with the discussions during the approval process can be exported to various formats at any time, and are archived within the system for posterity.