Online Permission Slips

​The Permission Slips module gives your team a paperless alternative to traditional permission slips. Because of our tight integration with KAMAR, it is easy to create trips and assign students and staff from the classes and groups that are already tracked in KAMAR. Staff can choose from predefined permission forms to capture the required information from caregivers, define trip specifics and attach itineraries or other documents.

No more lost permission slips!

Caregivers receive an email containing a link to the permission form and they log in. Staff can monitor responses and send reminders to caregivers. Payment for event fees is available via online payment or KAMAR. Detailed reports and data export are available for all data.


  • Custom form builder & library of EONZ approved permission slip forms
  • Attach multiple staff and assign students to them to sort into groups
  • Collect post event feedback from caregivers
  • Online event fee payment via Windcave, PayStation, Stripe or KAMAR
  • Print out hard copy of permission slips for caregivers not internet enabled
  • Create no-approval-necessary permission slips so you can keep caregivers informed about events that do not require consent
  • Much more!

School Balls

The Permission Slip module is also very effective for the permission slip requirements around school balls. The flexible form builder allows you to build forms that exactly match your requirements and capture any information you need to track in relation to attendees.

There is even a provision that allows you to reset a submitted ball permission slip in case there has been a change of mind regarding the guest invited (which has been known to happen from time to time…)

Payment for ball-related fees can be handled by the permission slip system, or if you have more complicated requirements by a live connection to Inbox Design’s E-ticket system that offers multiple pricing levels, a seating picker and more, to give you maximum flexibility.