What does your website do for you? Our SchoolSite suite of KAMAR integrated tools save you time and make your job easier.

What does your website do for you? Our SchoolSite suite of KAMAR integrated tools save you time and make your job easier.

We understand the issues schools face in providing online content and services to their diverse communities. From managing basic website content and keeping caregivers informed about important events, to offering e-commerce and event ticket sales — we have solutions that we can customise to fit your needs.

YOUR Website, OUR expertise

Running a school is a demanding job that often has you being pulled in a million ways. For schools that prefer having one less thing to worry about, we offer a fully managed support plan that ensures that your site is always up-to-date and looking it’s best. This makes updating your site as simple as picking up the phone or sending us an email.

Tech savvy? We’ve got you covered…

For schools who want to keep content management in-house, we offer an easy-to-use content management system that allows your staff to easily maintain your site’s content. Your staff will be able to create web pages, post news and image galleries, embed videos and handle just about any other kind of content.

Our system was built by us especially for schools and can be customised to fit the way your team works.


Effortless News & Newsletters

SchoolSite makes it easy to add news articles to your web sites to help keep your community abreast of important news. News articles can contain text, photo galleries, downloadable file attachments, and video. The ease at which content can be added means that news can be added on a daily basis, keeping your site looking current and making it even more of a resource for your community.

When your team decide to send a newsletter, instead of manually re-entering your content into a page layout application or separate newsletter system, SchoolSite allows you to simply select the news content you have already entered which then gets automatically formatted into an attractive newsletter and is emailed to your community.

Subscriber Sync

Because of our integration with KAMAR, email addresses of caregivers, staff and students are imported daily into the system, so you have no extra administrative work to maintain email lists.

eTicket Connection

Running an event/open day with our eTickets, sync your purchaser details into a mailing list of on-going communication

SchoolSite News and KAMAR Events

ONE-Click population of news articles and upcoming events from your schools calendar. No double entry of information needed!

Job Vacancies

SchoolSite offers a full-featured tool to allow your school to post job vacancies that include detailed job descriptions, and qualification requirements.

Prospective job candidates can apply for the jobs you post directly on your website using a Ministry of Education approved online application form and attach a CV and cover letter.

When applicants apply for your openings, your team will receive an email notification that a new application has been submitted. All of the application details get saved to a private database that your team can refer to at anytime.

Complete Candidate Snapshot

Each application is required to securely enter all of the information you require, along with their CV and Cover Letter attachments. You can easily see their information and other positions they've applied for.

Applicant Processing

Process applicants with our step-by-step workflow relevant to the vacancy. Automated emails, bulk actions, short-list or decline actions in a few clicks...

Global Job Board

All job listings can go on our community job board, this promotes your school and gives your positions great exposure to find the ideal applicants
View Job Board

E-Ticket Sales

For all your event ticketing needs, our SchoolSite E-Tickets Extra allows you to create events and sell tickets online. The E-Ticket system is suitable for any type of event, whether it’s a College Ball, Performing Arts Awards night, Quiz Night, Fundraising Dinner, or any other event.

If you are hosting an event with assigned seating, there is an option to allow ticket purchasers to choose their seat.

All purchases with regards to the event can be done online as well as still offering the option of paying in person at the event. For managing the event and tracking attendees, we also offer a companion mobile app that scans attendee’s E-Tickets as they enter your venue for the event.

You can set limits on attendance, set multiple pricing levels and ticket types as well as track sales with full detailed reporting, and exporting into accounting software such as Xero.

With E-Tickets you can set reminders with ICS calendar invitations and also post-event feedback requests. Sales are able to be vetted against running balances in KAMAR.

Contact us on 07 281 1600 to set up your online event booking now!

Sport & Activity Registration

SchoolSite enables your school to organise registrations for sport teams or other extracurricular activities without the need to use a 3rd party provider. SchoolSite strives to always keeps caregivers in the loop by first requiring students to express their interest in the activity whereupon their caregivers are notified via email and asked to give permission for their child to register.

The email that caregivers receive contains a link for them to click asking them to login to the registration site using their KAMAR account. Once logged in, caregivers can read details, terms and conditions and finally approve or decline their child’s registration.

The system allows you to create any number of activities and set which year levels can register for which activity. Each sport can have its own homepage where contact information, news and photos and videos can be posted. Activity fees can also be set up to be paid online. All student and caregiver information is checked against your existing KAMAR data, so no extra work is required to connect with your community. To help your organisers meet deadlines, reminders can be sent to caregivers via email and SMS TXT when they are late in giving approval for the activity.

Emergency Alerts

SchoolSite supports your school in the event of emergency situations, enabling you to remain in contact with your school community, regardless of your location or whether you have access to your school facilities.

In the event of an emergency, the SchoolSite Emergency Alert System allows you to keep students, caregivers and staff up-to-date with important news and information, and provides you with three different tools to do this. First is the Site Alert which displays message of your choosing to every page of your website and also notify your SchoolPoint users. For more important situations, you also have the ability to send an Email Alert to your community (students, caregivers, staff or everyone). For the most critical emergencies where time is of the essence, you can also opt to send an SMS TXT Alert message to whichever group needed.

Because of SchoolSite's integration with KAMAR, and the fact that we securely store a copy of your contact data off-site, these communication methods will work for you regardless of your location or the state of your facilities and can be activated quickly and easily right from your mobile phone.

E-Commerce & Donations

SchoolSite enables your school to sell uniforms, stationary or anything else. Features include full online payments, inventory tracking and endless flexibility in adding products, product options and multiple ‘shops’. This ability means that your site can host a uniform shop that remains accessible throughout the year while also creating temporary shops that can be used for fundraising or any other purpose.

For record keeping purposes, there is full reporting to export sales reports, and also export in to Xero or other accounting software. Inbox Design also provides options for receiving online donations, payments and other kinds of fundraising.

Alumni Connections

Keeping in touch with past students can be a valuable asset for your school. SchoolSite provides a collection of tools to help you stay connected with alumni.

We can migrate graduating students from KAMAR into an alumni database that also allows students from past years to register themselves. Keep in touch with alumni by sending low-cost, rich email newsletters whenever required. When it comes time to host a reunion, our Reunion Event manager takes all of the hard work out of organising an event.

Art Show Fundraising

Our Art Show Fundraising system makes it easy for your school to host lucrative fundraisers featuring local artists.

This system has been in use for several years and has helped raise over 1.8 million dollars for the two schools that have used it. Artists can create an account and then upload photos of artwork for sale, upon which your school earns a commission. Your team have total control of which artists are featured and which art is displayed. Art sales can be live in-person or conducted on-line only. Combine this with our e-Tickets system to organise a gala, and you have an amazing tool for engaging with your community and raising funds.

Reunion Events

Organising a reunion event for your alumni can be a lucrative but challenging undertaking. SchoolSite contains a complete reunion management system that makes it easy to host these events and has so far generated over $65,000 in ticket sales for our schools.

The system allows you to define all aspects of your event. Online ticket sales, regular and early-bird pricing, table assignments can all be configured as required. In addition to ticket sales, the system also allows you to receive donations from attendees as well as offer the sale of commemorative items and additional activities or excursions relating to your event.

In preparation for the day of your event, you can use the extensive reporting features to export attendance lists and table seating arrangements as well as exporting your sales data to Xero and other bookkeeping systems.

Community Education

If your school is interested in offering community education courses, SchoolSite offers a flexible and easy to manage solution. To date, this system has generated over 2 million dollars ($2,000,000) for our schools.

The system allows you to define an unlimited number of course categories and courses, set attendance limits, as well as attach instructor profiles to each course. Course fees can be set for each course and include additional fees for course materials and supplies. Once created, your courses are automatically displayed on your website where visitors can browse through course offerings and register.

Registration and payments are handled online through a secure payment gateway. Full reporting is available, exporting class roles and well as revenue exporting to Excel and Xero.

REAP Provider Database Integration

Our Community Education system is not only ideal for schools, it is also a compute solution for REAP's around Aotearoa.

Connecting with the REAP.IT Database system, we can easily manage the online booking system for your Activities and Applicants.

Contact us on 07 281 1600 to set up your online community booking system now!


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