Giving and Donations

SchoolSite enables your school to sell uniforms, stationary or anything else. Features include full online payments, inventory tracking and endless flexibility in adding products, product options and multiple ‘shops’. This ability means that your site can host a uniform shop that remains accessible throughout the year while also creating temporary shops that can be used for fundraising or any other purpose.

For record keeping purposes, there is full reporting to export sales reports, and also export in to Xero or other accounting software. Inbox Design also provides options for receiving online donations, payments and other kinds of fundraising.

Paying online makes life easier for your school community when they need to pay for things like uniforms, EOTC trip costs, tickets to events, make donations and more.
Online payments also makes it much easier for your finance team to track and reconcile payments. 

Payment Gateways

In order to accept funds online, your school will need to choose a payment gateway provider. A payment gateway is simply a service that authorises credit card payments and transfers the funds to your school’s bank account. 

Once the payment gateway is active, you can use it for payments within the KAMAR parent portal as well as any of the services that Inbox Design provide. 

These include:

  • eTicket sales for events, meetings and school balls
  • eCommerce sales of uniforms
  • Permission slip fees
  • Sport & activity registration fees
  • School reunion event registration fees
  • Community education course fees
  • Online donations 

Inbox Design will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your school and help you get the best transaction rates from Stripe or your bank.