Sending bulk email to your community - made KAMAR Easy!

Integrates Directly with KAMAR SchoolSend takes the hassle away from exporting staff, students and caregivers email lists Load News and Events from SchoolSite If you have a SchoolSite website by Inbox Design, it's just one-click to include news and events... No more copying content between separate systems.

KAMAR Interoperability

SchoolSend connects to KAMAR data securely overnight to automatically load your Students, Caregivers and Staff directly into our database ready for sending.
We also automate this data into helpful (and customisable) segments so you can send to specific groups of students the same you would in KAMAR.

When new Students and enrol, or details are updated in KAMAR, that information automatically updates in SchoolSend - it's that easy.

SchoolSend is not a replacement for the service that KAMAR offer. While is great for sending an email directly from KAMAR, where SchoolSend is aimed at sending bulk, rich content emails to your school's wider community.

KAMAR Events

If you use the KAMAR Calendar, you can choose to include public events from your school calendar in the email by selecting a date range, and filter to exclude events with a few simple clicks. These events can also show on your SchoolSite website calendar page.

SchoolSite News

With your SchoolSite news article system, you publish news to your website as it happens, always keeping your website up to date with what is going on is ideal for your community.
You can choose to include these in your SchoolSend newsletter with a simple click, showing only a summary and hero photo, or include the full article in your email.

Deliverability Reporting

While SchoolSend keeps your mailing list up to date from KAMAR, you can also have sign-up forms on your website for the local community to join your mailing lists, and with every email that is sent out, you can track if it's been delivered, opened, clicks or if the email failed to be delivered.


  • Sends
  • Hard Bounces (Email is no longer active)
  • Soft Bounces (Temporary fail, e.g. full mailbox)
  • Opens, how many and at what time
  • What Devices your community are using
  • Which links are being clicked
  • and more...

Templates and Design

We provide a number of customisable templates that you can edit or make your own designs so that every email you send it represents your Schools Brand.
You can set up your own templates for each newsletter, reuse or duplicate existing templates and campaigns or Inbox Design can create custom templates for you for an additional cost - call us on 07 281 1600 for help.

Data Privacy

SchoolSend by Inbox Design security stored your communities contact information on our servers here in New Zealand, SchoolSend is a safe and secure system that does not expose any personal information to the subscribers.
You can read our full privacy policy here.

COSTINGS: $1000 Set up and $30 Monthly Fee