Job Vacancy Management

SchoolSite offers a full-featured tool to allow your school to post job vacancies that include detailed job descriptions, and qualification requirements.

Prospective job candidates can apply for the jobs you post directly on your website using a Ministry of Education approved online application form and attach a CV and cover letter.

When applicants apply for your openings, your team will receive an email notification that a new application has been submitted. All of the application details get saved to a private database that your team can refer to at anytime.

Complete Candidate Snapshot

Each application is required to securely enter all of the information you require, along with their CV and Cover Letter attachments. You can easily see their information and other positions they've applied for.

Applicant Processing

Process applicants with our step-by-step workflow relevant to the vacancy. Automated emails, bulk actions, short-list or decline actions in a few clicks.

Global Job Board

All job listings can go on our community job board, this promotes your school and gives your positions great exposure to find the ideal applicants.