Emergency Alerts and Notifications

SchoolSite supports your school in the event of emergency situations, enabling you to remain in contact with your school community, regardless of your location or whether you have access to your school facilities.

In the event of an emergency, the SchoolSite Emergency Alert System allows you to keep students, caregivers and staff up-to-date with important news and information, and provides you with three different tools to do this. First is the Site Alert which displays message of your choosing to every page of your website and also notify your SchoolPoint users. For more important situations, you also have the ability to send an Email Alert to your community (students, caregivers, staff or everyone). For the most critical emergencies where time is of the essence, you can also opt to send an SMS TXT Alert message to whichever group needed.

Because of SchoolSite's integration with KAMAR, and the fact that we securely store a copy of your contact data off-site, these communication methods will work for you regardless of your location or the state of your facilities and can be activated quickly and easily right from your mobile phone.

Access Anywhere

You can quickly enable your alerts from your computer, or your phone.

The alert message is instantly visible to all visitors on your website and in SchoolBridge.

Alert Templates

Use our default alert, drill and lockdown templates or customise your own messages.
Customise the risk level and message when you enable a message on your site.

Display or Announce

Add your alert message to your website and SchoolBridge and optionally email, Push Notification or SMS message notify your Whānau.

Staff, Students and Caregivers are synced directly with your Student Management system.