Reunion Events

Organising a reunion event for your alumni can be a lucrative but challenging undertaking. SchoolSite contains a complete reunion management system that makes it easy to host these events and has so far generated over $65,000 in ticket sales for our schools.

The system allows you to define all aspects of your event. Online ticket sales, regular and early-bird pricing, table assignments can all be configured as required. In addition to ticket sales, the system also allows you to receive donations from attendees as well as offer the sale of commemorative items and additional activities or excursions relating to your event.

In preparation for the day of your event, you can use the extensive reporting features to export attendance lists and table seating arrangements as well as exporting your sales data to Xero and other bookkeeping systems.

Alumni Database

The Reunion Registration system is a perfect match for our Alumni System.
Using the News and SchoolSend email database tools you can email out announcements and early-bird save the date notices.

Keep everyone informed and increase the turnout to your reunion!


As part of the registration and ticket purchasing process, your alumni and current students can order merchandise if you wish to offer it.

From branded glasses, ties, year books and other items, you can showcase these from the registration right up to the date of the event.