Art Show Fundraising

Our Art Show Fundraising system makes it easy for your school to host lucrative fundraisers featuring local artists.

This system has been in use for several years and has helped raise over 3 million dollars for the two schools that have used it. Artists can create an account and then upload photos of artwork for sale, upon which your school earns a commission. Your team have total control of which artists are featured and which art is displayed. Art sales can be live in-person or conducted on-line only. Combine this with our e-Tickets system to organise a gala, and you have an amazing tool for engaging with your community and raising funds.

In-Person Art Exhibitions or COVID Ready Online Sales

Our system has evolved to be a fully online Art Sales system, complete inventory management and pre & post-sales reports.
You can manage everything from Artist Registrations, Gala Night eTickets and online sales.

View some Examples: