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Howick College use Inbox Designs School Booking Engine

​Howick College to use Inbox Designs School Booking Engine

Howick College staff needed to reserve or check the availability of a room / the hall / mini-van / computer labs, They needed a working custom solution for the School.

Inbox Design took the booking engine that Orewa College use and customised it to fit their requirements.

We reviewed their requirements, the functionality of the existing system and the limitations, working closely with Robert Douglas from Howick College to ensure the new online resource booking system would seamlessly integrate with KAMAR for authentication and to import in rooms that hd timetabled classes, as well as to to overlay the schools calendar into the booking system and build a simple to use booking system.

The new system allows for recurring bookings, email reminders, and meets the health and safety requirements with disclaimers and agreements based on the resource type being required.

When a staff members wants to book a resources they can:

  • Login with their school KAMAR staff code and password.
  • On the Homepage, they can easy to read daily breakdown for all resource/bookings.
  • Make a booking with the easy to use booking form.
  • Each resource can have it's own time blocks assigned or use the global timetabel setup.
  • If a Resource need to be confirmed by admin, they will be notified.
  • The Booking calendar also shows School Events via the KAMAR Calendar to stop overlaps/conflicts of resources.

If a recurring booking overlaps with a pre-existing booking the user will be given the option to adjust their booking or exclude those conflicts from their booking.

Management can search, filter and report on all bookings, on-screen or export in CSV format to Excel.

They can bulk approve/decline bookings and control email notifications sent before a booking is confirmed.

The Management users can see the following about resources:

  • Fully branded in Howick Branding and colours.
  • Colour coded calendar view for bookings based on type and status.
  • Search/filter bookings
  • Export bookings to spreadsheet
  • Import KAMAR Class timetabel to pre-book times
  • Easy to create / update resources.
  • Managing time blocks
  • Email notifications and daily summaries send out
  • Health & Safety requirements against bookings

This customise booking system can be used to effectively and quickly book any resource type the school sets up and gives a full overview of where, when and who is using what.

If you're like Orewa and Howick and require a  custom resource booking system that saves time, reduces frustration and completely avoids conflicts or double bookings for your school, then contact Inbox Design or 07 281 1600.

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