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Welcome Back! 2017 Recap and what we're planning for 2018

​This is the short summary

2017 is in the books and what a year!

So often we don’t take the time to reflect on the past and our accomplishments.

However we would like to spend some time reflecting on the past year

and look forward to the future with you and Inbox Design.

Let’s start with recapping on what we have achieved last year:

New Updates:

* SchoolPoint: our online course selection application has had major updates and thanks to a lot of growth from new schools we’ve invested a lot of time to make it even better, we’re now the ONLY application that both reads from KAMAR AND WRITES course selection information back in to KAMAR. https://www.schoolpoint.co.nz

* Our Knowledgebase: platform now includes a full EOTC/Requests system to aid in managing your learning experience outside the classroom. Talk to us for more information about the Knowledgebase and what it can help you with.

* KAMAR: Inbox Design redeveloped the parent portal version 4, with a complete visual overhaul and a lot of new logic and updating this update has been getting some great feedback. Read more about what we’ve done and talk to us about hosting it for you.

New Look:

* Inbox Design Content Management: some of you may have noticed the fresh new look for your content management system which we are proud to share with you. We’ve added more help content and videos, better asset/upload management including folders and more projects completed.

* Catlins Area School: http://www.catlins.school.nz

* Tauranga Boys College Website + Arts + Sports:




* Baradene College: https://www.baradene.school.nz

* Baradene Arts Show:  http://baradeneartshow.site

We’re ready for a big 2018!

It will hold many victories and challenges and we are so excited to see what we can do for you!

A few notes: Thank you to everyone who made 2017 a huge success!

Perhaps we sound like a broken record, but we genuinely could not have done it without you.

We are committed to even more in 2018!

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