This month we have been working hard on:

Aadding NEW feature sets to our premium product - SchoolPoint.

New Staff Forum:

We have added a community section where staff members from all schools can ask, answer and share on areas within SchoolPoint:

Working together we are making this platform better everyday.

Vocational Pathways:

Everyone wanted it, ERO told us you needed it, NZQA said do it - here it is.

Load unit standards against courses and the credit information and vocational pathway information will be gathered and displayed for the student, and summary tables built based on their selected courses. 

Unit standard information an be added with the courses information now, and exported in PDF, Word and EPub format from inside SchoolPoint.

Pathway Booklets - PDF, Word and ePub

SchoolPoint will generate your booklet with dynamic information and allow you to select any of these formatted for better reading. 

For more information contact Inbox Design 07 281 1600.