Inbox Design spend a lot of time working with schools in New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on our range of products and services that assist with many school activities from our custom built websites that pull content directly from KAMAR, New Zealand's largest student management system, to SchoolPoint - our online course selection tool that has staff and students raving about how easy they can plan their career pathway while making option choices that push right back into KAMAR for better timetabling. 

Our newest product offering extends our Knowledge base product with an EOTC Request Management system.

Managing your Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom trips for both staff and administration is a paperwork nightmare, countless forms, word doc's, spreadsheets and hard written notes need to be completed, passed off to your EOTC coordinator, they will review and request amendments, type notes, send emails, pass it up the chain, chase, follow up and before you know it - there is a mess of paperwork before the trip has begun. 

Online EOTC Requests

From your school's website, your EOTC coordinator can setup trip categories which can contain custom form questions and a chain of approval.

Staff then can select the right type of request, complete the right RAMS/Risk forms and emails will be triggered with links to online printable copies of the request. 

As each admin member approves or declines their stage of the request they enter notes which will be passed to the next step or back to the staff member if the request is declined. 

Once a request has been accepted, all staff members involved on the trip get an email and PDF copy of the request that they can take with them, or view online, if they're going down the road to the Pools, traveling to Sunny Mt Maunganui or an overseas trip to Japan. 

EOTC system features:

If you want to save time and increase efficiency and use a safer request system, signup in your website administration or contact Inbox Design on 07 281 1600