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Knowledgebase Health, Safety and Incident Reporting tool

​Knowledgebase Health, Safety and Incident Reporting tool

Knowledgebase Health, Safety and Incident Reporting tool

Health & Safety can be an arduous task, with the Inbox Design Knowledgebase Health & Safety module your Senior MAnagement and Safety Officers can assign scheduled recurring safety audits for Heads to Departments with time-based email/SMS reminders and a Traffic-light status symbol to ensure each Department has checked and completed each section applicable to them.

Incident reports can be created and tagged to Staff, Students and Departments to identify safety issues within your school, recurring problems or schedule maintenance.

With our Incident reporting tool allows staff members to quickly and easily log any incident, accident or injury, attaching Student information, other attending staff members and record details relevant to that incident.

The tool can be access from your website, or on your mobile phone and all information can be reported on to identify where issues are happening and eliminating them!

  • Fast recording of safety events
  • Safety plans at their finger tips
  • Emergency plans at hand
  • Manage and report on real world risks
  • Make Head of Area responsible
  • Try now!

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