KAMAR Parent Portal Version 4

Inbox Design have worked with KAMAR to release the new Parent Portal Version 4

In 2016 KAMAR invited Inbox Design to assist with a couple of changes to their web-based Parent Portal. Since we wrote the first version around 10 years ago and actively host and Manage the portal for a number of Schools, we were happy to step in and make updates where required.

What went from a couple of small changes that included updating Payments for DPS (See note below) and some display changes to rid the portal of that old boring grey, that was always there as a stop-gap to be ugly and get people to theme the portal, which never really happened.

After months of development and after I briefly spoke at the 2017 KAMAR Conference about it, here are the new features:

  • Online Enrolment - Directly back into KAMAR
  • Direct in/out Course Selection sync with SchoolPoint.
  • Rebuilt Basic Course Selection
  • Automatic Updating and Maintenance
  • New Online Payment Gateway - PayStation, DPS and Flow2Cash. 
  • Customisable Navigation, Folders and Display Order.
  • Better Theme Engine and customisation from the Configure section
  • Student/Caregivers Analytics

Additionally, these areas of the portal have been updated:

  • Student Details and viewing permissions
  • Financial
  • Results
  • Progress Reports
  • Authentication - Switching between siblings
  • Careers

The Financial area has been reworked to include your receipt history, a New Payment Provider - PayStation and Updating the deprecated DPS PxAccess to the PxPay2.0 platform. We also offer full integration with these Payment Providers on our School websites, ecommerce options and our eTickets online ticketing system. 

The portal is available now for download from the KAMAR website, or contact Inbox Design to discuss upgrade, theme and hosting options.  

We can help with: 

  • Portal Installation
  • Portal Hosting/Backup
  • Theme and Visual Styling
  • Website Design
  • Online Payments
  • Calendar Integration
  • Online Course Selection
  • Phone 07 281 1600

Call 07 281 1600

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