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June 2017 SchoolPoint Updates

​Course Selection time for Schools is close - Here is what's new in our Online Course Selection app

Recent Updates

  • Save Student Assessment Calendar dates against Courses/Standards so the Student can see when assessments may be due
  • New Course Selection Export Formats
  • New Printing options for the Course Selection Booklet and Helpful Information Pages
  • Adding Option lines to courses for better timetabling Video
  • Send Email and SMS Notifications to Students for Student Voice Surveys, SAC Conferences, Course Selection and General Communication
  • Student Grading/Traffic Light Module now available in a BETA Release
  • Import e-asTTle data to visually graph changes in student performance
  • Course Selection Student Demographics to show grown in courses offered

Contact Inbox Design on 07 281 1600 to find out more, If you're not already using SchoolPoint, register free at www.schoolpoint.co.nz

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