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Inbox Design KAMAR to MailChimp Sync

Inbox Design KAMAR to MailChimp Sync

Inbox Design's KAMAR to MailChimp Sync Service

If your school uses Mailchimp to send newsletters you may find it a daunting task to keep your audience list up-to-date. 

Our Mailchimp Sync service makes this easy by creating a direct connection from your KAMAR data to your MailChimp account audience lists. Once active, whenever someone is added to KAMAR they will be automatically added to your MailChimp audience without any action on your part. You also have the option to choose which user types to transfer caregiver, staff or student, or any combination. 

For schools that find MailChimp too limiting or expensive, Inbox Design also offers an alternative to MailChimp that offers greater flexibility and is less expensive. This offering offers most of the features of MailChimp with none of the limitations around audience size, number of segments, or number of information fields that can be used to collect information from subscribers. This solution also works with our KAMAR Sync to give you maximum flexibility at a fraction of the price of MailChimp.

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