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Customise your Customer Relations Management System

​Customise your Customer Relations Management System

Customise your Customer Relations Management System

Improve business 2 business relationships, increase customer spending and grow your sales by customising your Customer Relations Management (CRM) System.


With all that glorious data collected from your CRM, it can sometimes be overwhelming or not quite right for your needs.

Well, you don’t have to put up with it anymore; you can have your CRM modified.


Customising an already existing system is a cost-effective solution to improving customer relationships and tracking your sales growth.  We can work with multiple CRM systems and integrate the data into various platforms for you to make informed business decisions.


The team at Active Print & Promotion uses Pipe Drive CRM for job and contact management but wanted to get more out of it. So, instead of surfing the net for a different CRM, which may or may not be perfect, they opted to save time and invested in customising their current system.


It began with us using simple push notifications through Pipe Drives API to collect and save data on job information. After reviewing and discussing the findings we were able to integrate a MailChimp marketing strategy based on customer purchasing behaviors and satisfaction. 


Customisation is vital to running a business. Staying ahead of the competition and operating differently is part of the game. Therefore, no-one software solution is compatible across all businesses – customise!

For more information on our responsive design process, have a look at our information brochure here, or contact Inbox Design . 

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