Permission Slip Improvements (June 2024)

SchoolBridge Permission Slip Changes and Improvements (June 2024)

Adjustable Caregiver Assignment

Complicated family situations and International Students pose a challenge when deciding which caregiver should receive permission slips for granting consent for EOTC events and other uses of the permission slip system. In this latest update we have added the ability set which caregiver should receive the permission slip for a given student. This can be set globally for an individual student and can be changed on a per slip basis. 

Student Assignment

Setting Default Permission Slip Assignment Rules

Sometimes you may have students who should be prevented from participating in EOTC events due to health concerns or other reasons. Now you can set a global block on an individual student so that when they get added to a permission slip it will not be sent to their caregivers. 

Staff in charge of the permission slips will clearly see when a student has a block set and can override the block for a specific event if the event is something the student is able to participate in.

If you have the Search Students Permission, you can view these when you use the Search in the SchoolBridge Sidebar. 

If you have Administrator or Student Details Editing permissions, you can adjust these default values.

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