Meet the Inbox Design Team


Sheldon Lendrum

Director, Web / Application Developer
Sheldon founded Inbox Design in 2005 and has built the business since then by building custom websites, database applications and strong customer relationships. Sheldon loves what he does and puts his full energy into your project and will always be here to answer your questions and ensure your project runs smoothly.


Ken Xue

Web Developer
I am a self-motivated, detail oriented, easy going person with experience in information technology industry for more than 4 years. An accomplished individual with a strong background in web development, especially HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and also Linux server management. I am really happy to work in this fantastic team.


Chistopher Lambdin

Web Developer and Designer

Chris has been involved with the web since before he was born… At least that’s how it feels! Joking aside, I’m supper happy to have found a position at such a client-centred web design company. I have a real passion for using technology to solve real-world problems, and on that level Inbox Design is a perfect fit for me. I’m blown away by what the small team here has achieved and I hope to contribute to that innovative spirit in the future!


Jenny Lendrum

Team Manager / CMS / Software Tester/ Help Desk/ Administration / Accounts!

I joined the Inbox Design Team in July 2019, although I like to think I have been involved to some degree behind the scenes for more than 10 years as Sheldon's wife ;-) I have made the transition from spending a substantial period of my life working for the NZ Government and am excited to be working now for Inbox Design. It's a huge change of pace for me, and completely different from what I am used to doing, but I am enthusiastic to be part of this awesome and passionate team, and excited to be learning new skills. I pride myself on customer support.


Jasper Yan

Web Developer and Designer
I have been working in the IT field for more than 10 years as a UX designer. With great curiosity and passion, I have transformed myself into a well-rounded full-stack web developer. As a designer of vast experience I know the importance of the user experience and how to make our products more user-friendly and ease to use. I am happy to co-operate with our friendly and professional team players to achieve our goals.


Flynn Lendrum

Budding Network Engineer 

Flynn is the youngest member of the Inbox Design Team. He is 5 years old and loves all things technology- he has a special passion for cabling and networking. You will always find Flynn alongside his dad Sheldon, at the office after hours, or learning all about any Apple device possible at any given moment!