Go Online with our Virtual Conference Booking System

SchoolPoint offers virtual conference bookings. Caregivers book their hui times and we connect them and their teacher with a private Google Meet or Microsoft Teams video call.

Learn more about our booking system here.

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Microsoft Teams

Our Teams Integration will allow caregivers to book with their students teachers and each booking will create a Microsoft Teams meeting with a video meet attached for the duration of your bookings.

The teacher will be the organiser of the Teams call and the Student and Caregiver can join.

Google Meet

Each booking for Google Schools will create a private Google Meet hangout, it will invite the student and the caregiver who has booked, and it will make the staff member the owner of the call. 

They will become the host and need to accept the caregiver when they join.

If you want to go virtual with your next Parent Teacher Conferences, sign up to SchoolPoint or book a demo by emailing [email protected]