Parent/ Student/Teacher Interview Bookings

With our school conferences module, you simply sync KAMAR data through to SchoolPoint to add either your Subject or Tutor Teachers to a conference which allows their students and/or caregiver to then book a time with them.

This takes the headache out of manually inputing staff and students, and can be done easily and quickly. As an administrator, you can select the break times for staff, or allow them to block out their own breaks. 

If you do require a conference with a select amount of teachers who are not tutor or subject teachers or a mixture, you can manually add these to a conference and then add the students to those teachers with a check of a drop down box. This does not require a sync from KAMAR hence can be customised just how you want it, to cater to all your needs. The heading of the conference module is fully customisable to suit your school preferences.

There is also now the ability to run a Google Meet or Microsoft Teams online conference- great for times of uncertainty when our communities need to stick together and maintain communication.

You have the ability to export the bookings so staff can see who has booked with them and when.