Leaving Intention Information

In SchoolPoint, there is the option to request students to select what their plans are for the next year, BEFORE being able to select courses. This is not compulsory however and up to your school to choose to request or not. You can also turn this request on or off by year level - or for junior year levels, set a default returning status.

SchoolPoint is a great tool to capture that information easily from both leaving and returning students including senior/year 13 students.

Students can select from a range of destinations, enter notes, and update these at any time.

Students can also enter personal contact information such as their home email and mobile numbers which are used in the leavers' reports and our CV and cover letter builders.

All information is recorded for staff to see, export and report on.

Leaving Intentions

Students can select from a range of customisable destinations, or enter their own notes and details of their intentions.