SchoolPoint Google Intergration

SchoolPoint has a unique Google Integration that allows automatic set up of Meet/Hangout Conference bookings, Calendar Events and processing of your Assessment Calendars items from your classroom posts.

Assessment Calendar

In your Assessment Calendar settings, you can connect #hashtags to your assessment types, such as 'Assessments' can be assigned the hashtag #assessment, and then SchoolPoint will pull your classroom posts each night and find any posts with the matching hashtag and populate them to the relevant classes calendar.

Virtual Conference Bookings with Google Meet

By setting up a virtual conference in our Conferences modules, your Students and Caregivers can book with their subject teachers, tutor class teachers or mentor teachers and a Google Meet event will be created in all participants calendars automatically.
The Staff member will be the owner of the Google Meet, and the Student and Caregiver will be invited participants. 

Take your conferences online with our virtual google meet connection. Try SchoolPoint today.