Careers Management

SchoolPoint has been one of New Zealand's best Online Course Selection tools for a number of years now. Our app features a range of tools around selecting the right courses for students, courses based on what they are studying now and where they want to go in life...

SchoolPoint Careers

Naturally we have added functionality over the years around course selection. In 2019 we created SchoolPoint Careers- We believe we can provide a better careers experience, all in one place. For Careers/Gateway staff at your School and for your Students, SchoolPoint connects students, parents and schools through our comprehensive communication tools and works extensively with information directly from Careers NZ including subjects recommended to be taken, skills, qualities, average pay rates, and chances of getting employment in their selected areas.

We are continually building on this feature substantially going forward to ensure students in New Zealand develop a clear pathway to where they want to go, by making it a less complicated process, and providing all the information they need on one platform.

Leaving Destinations

Capture Student Destinations

In SchoolPoint, students are able to enter their leaving destinations. This can be chosen by year level.

SchoolPoint is a great tool to capture that information easily from both leaving and returning students including senior/year 13 students.

Students can select from a range of destinations, enter notes, and update these at any time.

CV & Cover letter Builder

Interactive CV Builder

Making your CV can be challenging... Other career systems don't make this any easer - However making your CV in SchoolPoint is really easy!

SchoolPoint takes your information we already know, and information you enter through other areas in SchoolPoint and makes a click through CV Builder.

Go get that Dream Job with SchoolPoint - Your Central Careers Application!