SchoolPoint Price Changes from 2023 Announcement

This page refers to our 2022-2023 pricing change for SchoolPoint.

After carefully analysing the increase in inflation and other operating costs to run our small local business, we are have informed all existing customers at the end of September 2022 and again in November 2022 of a small but necessary price increase to some schools. However, of more significance is that we are changing the way we invoice for SchoolPoint.

At this time, our business is growing to a team of 6. We have recruited a new developer with the aim to provide even better products, and faster support to all of you. They will be starting mid-October 2022. 

SchoolPoint, by Inbox Design will be increasing prices to $2 per student per year.

This will be based on the number of students you have in total; rounded up to the nearest hundred, divided by 12, to then be billed monthly (together with any other monthly invoices from us).  For 2023 and 2024, your numbers will be based on your 2022 August Invoice. We will re-evaluate these figures annually from March 2025.
Premium Support will increase from $1000 per year to $1200 per year, and also be billed monthly.

 This will help our business with cashflow. Feedback sought from schools we have asked, have all said this will help with their budgeting also.

Previously, we have billed on the 1st of August, annually. 

This increase will however, now include the use of the SchoolPoint Careers Module (if you don’t already have it enabled) which was previously charged at 80 cents per student per year additional to the basic SchoolPoint package of $1.20. This works seamlessly with the whole of our SchoolPoint modules.

Discretion will be used of course- with student rounding. We may also take into account previous amounts of support needed by a school with regards to any future adjustments.

Some of you may already be paying $2 per student if you have already enabled the Careers module, therefore the main change will be the way you are invoiced. 

This pricing and structure change will be implemented for existing schools on 1 January 2023, For new schools this will take effect from sign-up. 

We are being asked by schools, where will you get the student count from, or where have you been getting the student count from?

We will check the student count annually (generally in March) and adjust if need be, by using figures from the latest Education Counts data available online, and KAMAR data. This will include pre-enrols, as there is something in SchoolPoint for all year levels to use.
(Pre-enrols are the students added into KAMAR to start for the following year, which may not yet be in SchoolPoint). These are counted as most of our schools use the SchoolPoint Conference area for pre-enrol interviews. 

Billing is tricky and even billing annually has caused a lot of headaches for both ourselves and a few schools. We as a team have tried  to come up with a fair way of billing which covers the ongoing support we provide, as well being as accurate as possible to schools and their student numbers. We will never get it exactly right as students come and go from schools during the year, as well as the start and end of a calendar year. This is the best solution we have come up with.

To summarise, we will be taking your student count from March each year which includes any pre-enrol students, and all active students including senior students, comparing this with the Education Counts Roll Return data and setting your monthly billing from there.
This will be showing in your SchoolPoint Contact Settings page for administrators or you can request a statement from our accounts team - [email protected]

Why round it UP to the nearest hundred students?

It is rounded up to the nearest hundred again to be fair, but using discretion- we will not be charging you for 2000 students if you have 1903! Again, this is like a tiered system, but not as tiered as some other SMS providers are using. We think, and am sure you will all agree, the nearest hundred is more fair than tiers going from 500-1000, 1001-1500 etc.

We appreciate all your support and hope you can understand our need to increase our prices going into the 2023 year.

If you have any questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

The Team at Inbox Design