Course Selection - Getting started for the Year - Free Webinar

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This question and answer style webinar will run through the A-Z of what you should be doing for course selection in 2024

  • Resetting Percent Complete Status (and what is this for)
  • Setting up your Dashboard
  • Checking the TT Year and How many selections for Students is set right
  • Learning Areas and Departments
  • Bulk Course Management
  • Getting students to login (The login button on your website!)
  • How to login as a Student to test...
  • ... and more ...

Come with questions ands we can work through them. This will be beneficial for any one new to our software, new the course selection process or if you just want a refresher before starting to update courses for this year. 

  • Thursday April 4 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm

This is free and will be recorded for your Friday night viewing pleasure...

Register for this event and you will be emailed your Zoom Details 

Ticket sales are currently closed

Ticket sales are currently closed