Amit Dhull Success Coaching

Amit from Amit Dhull Success Coaching approached Inbox Design to migrate his Infusionsoft CRM Integration with his site using embedded forms to subscribe visitors to a new MailChimp API driven setup. 

Amit likes to "help individuals to have a healthy and loving relationship with their inner self and to live a life true to themselves instead of a life that's expected of them.".

A super easy team to work with! Not only the technical expertise, but customer service is top class too. Thanks Sheldon for setting up MailChimp, building beautiful landing pages and providing me with documentation for future use.
Look forward to working with you again and highly recommend Inbox Design team!

We use PHP scripts on the server to talk directly to MailChimp which avoids the user being taken away from the site in the way the Infusionsoft setup was doing.

This allows us to improve validation and user messages while keeping his visitors onsite. 

We then set up a custom landing page with separate MailChimp subscription form that will update the visitor's MailChimp account with which form or promotion they signed up to.  If they sign up on the landing page we use the MailChimp API to trigger the services of MailChimp Automation emails over a scheduled period to provide more information to the visitors.
Sending scheduled email increases Amit's conversion rate over sending 1 information overload email when they first subscribe. 

Once the landing pages were set up we walked through step-by-step, providing full training on the vast areas within MailChimp that Amit will need to use; his first comment was "This is so much easier and more powerful".
Amit set up his own MailChimp templates in this case, but this is a service we provide as we are MailChimp experts.

We walked through setting up automation campaigns with multiple triggered emails and conditions to make sure only the correct people got emailed, received the right email and, if they chose to opt-out, they would never be spammed.

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