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PHAB Website Design & Development

Inbox Design have been working with, and supporting PHAB for many years, and when Kerry asked us to create them a website that looked cool for the members, corporate enough for their supporters yet functional enough to work for them, we were happy to help.
We built a functional, managed website with custom slideshows and image light boxes, events, and Social feeds.

Dear Inbox Design

I would just like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for everything you did to make our Website possible. You have the patience of a saint, I am the first to admit I am the biggest technophobe and understand very little (nothing whatsoever!) about websites or the internet in general. I missed deadlines (that I set myself!) and forgot to send through content (sorry again), yet you continued to work alongside us and encouraged us to keep going.
After spending only an hour with you face to face, you understood our philosophy, vision and mission for the organisation which is the starting platform for any thing when working alongside others. Companies must comprehend who you are and why you do what you do to stay truthful and inline with the organisation. After kind of explaining what my vision for the website was, literally drawing you a picture and then hours of communicating over email and endless phone calls to try to articulate what I wanted and needed you persevered, supported and explained all processs, made constant amendments and kept working away on it all the while having the in depth understanding of who we are and never losing sight of that. Even down to the accessibility of the page for people with disabilities (our target market).
Without your support, guidance and expert knowledge and least of all your huge support, patience and understanding we finally we have an amazing, user friendly, youthful, interactive, comprehensive website that has been received warmly by our community and sector, friends, colleagues, and members alike.
What is a great comfort is that you are so readily available and are still hosting the page for us so I can add, change, edit anything as it arises, and no doubt plague you with further questions!
I cannot thank you enough, we will definitely be using you again and referring you on to others. If you would like to place your logo on our Facebook page or Website please feel free to do so as I would like to support you and Inbox Design in anyway possible.
Thanks so much again Sheldon, looking forward to working with you soon
Best Regards
Kerry Barnett
Operations Manager
PHAB Association Inc.