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Getting Online - 5 Top Tips From Google for Businesses

Five golden rules every Kiwi business need to follow to make sure they aren’t being left behind online.
With more and more customers turning to the web to search for, learn more and/or buy goods and services, getting the most out of the web for your business is an absolute necessity.

1. Stop hiding from customers
Most of your customers will you their location in their searchs, Eg: Web Design, Papamoa or Cigars Auckland. To appear in these searches list your business on services such as Google Places, Goolge+ or NZS and make sure you use the locations you services as part of your content strategy.

2. Go on. Get a website
Yes - you do need a website to be found online, a simple brochure site isn't effective as a full content managed website or ecommerce platform but still helps. Talk to Inbox Design about getting started online by calling 07 281 1600.

3. Work your web traffic
Learn about your visitors, Inbox Design will fget you set up with with Google Analytics and Google's webmaster tools so you can track where your visitors are coming from, and what keywords they are using, Combine this by asking your customers how they found you will help you target your content stragegy and marketing.  

4. Go mobile
New Zealand has 5.4 million mobile subscribers and the mobile traffic to NZ sites is forever increasing so you need to optomise your site and design to benifit these visitors and Inbox Deign can help with Responsive Design, specific mobile versions of your site or native mobile app's.

5. Embrace the cloud
Whether you're an appliance service company, helping out in hte comunity or selling mobiel devices online, cloud technology can save you money and help you work smarter. The combined usage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Email Marketing with the above tips you can successfully get found online and reaching your customers.

If you need to get online call Inbox Design today on 07 281 1600 - Don't wait for your competitiors to get ahead of you.

Read the full article online on the NZ Herald's website.