Getting found online and fast

If some one emails or calls you to say, "We can get you number one in Google", chances are, they're lying. Sure, they could do this but, short of using CPC (cost per click ) paid linking (and that only gets on page 1 some of the time), getting on the first page for organic search results takes three things:-




  • Good Content
  • Good Related Content Regularly
  • Time


Good Content

Good content and regularly adding content helps.  Inbox Design can help review your Google Analytics for keywords, compare them with your business-focused keywords and write copy for you. We would then push it to your website and social media accounts.  If your website is new, it won't show overnight, and no matter what those SEO "experts" say to you, there is no way it will do that quickly. 

Steps that can be taken to boost the effect of your site content:-

  • Inbound links - these are simply links to your site from elsewhere.  It can involve a lot of work when it comes to building relationships with other websites you would like to link to you but it needn't be like that, by reason of the next two items . .
  • Social media - a simple, fast and effective way of building inbound links.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to name but three, can get your site out there quickly.  Not only that, if viewers like what they see they'll share it.
  • Email campaigns - newsletters and other advertising copy can be sent to a target audience.  Services like MailChimp can help you achieve this.  You can use Inbox Design's MailChimp experts to build your client base quickly and efficiently, with the added bonus of being able to fully track who is reading your material and how often.


Good Related Content Regularly

Adding one or two pages might make you feel good about your site when you put it live, but you need to keep adding more content and add new content at least once a month.  A lot of Search Engine "experts" will suggest setting up a "blog".  Blogs are a great tool and fit the purpose of one place for regular updates. We use one - that's where you should be reading this. But that doesn't mean that you only write content on your blog and leave the other pages to go stagnant. Keep writing content, all over your site; keep reviewing your keywords and analytics with Inbox Design and add more content.  Oh, and did we mention keep on adding content?

Videos are content too - Did you know setting up a Youtube channel about your services and products will show up in Google searches and link back to your website?  Videos are also great to embed in your content. 


How long does it take for my page/site to show up in Google? For a new site - it could take a while, here are the steps you can take that we do for every site we put live:- 

  • Create and submit sitemap.xml to Google webmaster tools
  • Keep writing, The more content on your site, the more google will index, and the more results it should show in.

Regardless of you being found in a search, however, your ranking is only half the answer.  There is little point in people finding you unless it results in sales or leads for your business.
Josh Steimle, web entrepreneur and CEO of digital marketing agency MWI, explains it well in this article in Forbes Magazine . . .


Case Study: Supreme Air Conditioning

Following Inbox Design having re-written the content of Supreme Air Conditioning's website in 2012,  simply using industry-relevant content and submitting the site to Google's Webmaster Tools, Supreme quickly rose up the rankings within a few months and now shows on the first page on a lot of local searches e.g. 


How Inbox Design can help

Inbox Design's custom-built Content Management System does the search engine optimisation for you.  Also, whenever you enter the administration section of your website, you will be presented with a page of graphs and figures, showing in detail how your site is performing.

Inbox Design will be happy to quote you for the following services which can greatly enhance your presence on the web:-

  • content writing and loading
  • professional photography, including elevated photography for subjects like buildings, land etc.
  • Mailchimp - Inbox Design are Mailchimp experts who can get the most out of email campaigns for you
  • Mailchimp/KAMAR integration for schools - a superb, efficient tool to make the most of school email campaigns
  • Social Media posting - we can post to Facebook/Twitter as part of email newsletter service 
  • our custom-built mobile apps make a great addition to your web presence, enabling customers/users to have constant access to everything your site offers them.  This is no longer solely within the realm of large corporations/brands - the smallest of businesses and organisations can enhance the user-experience with a mobile app.