Planned Network Changes - December 2023

We have scheduled Server and Network Changes

We have a series of network changes planned in December during which we will move our servers from our current Tauranga Data Centre to a higher-tier Data Centre in Auckland. 

Over a number of dates up until the 22nd of December 2023, we will migrate hardware and services to the new Data Centre. We do not expect any major disruptions to our services during these times.

Why we're moving Data Centres:

For a number of years, we have owned and operated our own physical hardware here in Tauranga. Over the last two years, we have upgraded our hardware to faster and newer equipment as our applications grow and technology changes, and thanks to you - our customer base has grown.
With this, we have made the decision to upgrade and improve the next link in the chain, the physical presence of our equipment.

Different Data centres offer different connectivity and levels of service. We will be moving to a bigger data centre that is a higher grade ( or tier ). 

When will we move and what will I need to do:

We're beginning the migration this week, provisioning the new network range and IP Address blocks. We will be updating our firewall rules and advertising our IP's that should be whitelisted for schools in an update to this post. 

Then once the network and connectivity side of this is complete, we will move part of our equipment and run a dual network until right up before Christmas.

Just before Christmas, we will fully migrate the last of our equipment, and switch over the network. 

As most of our customers are Schools, this timing should provide the least amount of disruption to the visitors of your website and uses of our SchoolSite, SchoolPoint and SchoolBridge applications.


  • COMPLETE - Monday, November 6 - Firewall Setup and IP Address Allocation ( No downtime expected No Issues )
  • COMPLETE - Thursday, November 16 - Partial Rack migration to Auckland ( No downtime expected No Issues )
  • COMPLETE - Friday 17/Sunday 19 November - Database synchronisation between both locations.
  • Friday 15/Saturday 15 December - Final Migration and Cutover ( Minimal Downtime expected during DNS Changeover )

IP Range

For most schools, no action is needed to be able to access our services. For those who have custom rules in place, then you may need to whitelist the following IP range:

  • IPv4: /27

Ideally, whitelist the entire IP address range and * and * 

Email notifications are from your MX/address.

We will update this post with further information and dates as they are confirmed.

You can monitor our network status at:

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

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