Mailchimp Integration and Templating

MailChimp is a online social email marketing platform. We cannot sing its praises highly enough - we use it, and we want you to use it too! Inbox Design are certified Mailchimp Experts.

Our Integration options for MailChimp make collecting email marketing leads from any form on your website to your MailChimp database a breeze.
With MailChimp integrated into your site you can:-

Integrating MailChimp directly with your site elimates visitors from being taken away from your site to a bland unbranded sign up page and once subscribed not being redirected back to a fully customised Thank you page.

MailChimp Email Templates
Never send a plaintext-based email again ( unless your subscriber wants it ) with our Mailchimp Integrated email templates. Your site will send beautiful consistently themed emails that render well in most email clients with our HTML Email services.

About MailChimp
Within your account you can create and segment lists of contacts, send on-off email or full campaigns, view reports, analyze clicks, opens, social activity, and so much more. You can even learn about individual subscribers.

Mailchimp is Ideal for:

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Mailchimp Integration

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