Mobile & Responsive Development

At Inbox Design we build with mobile in mind, all of our websites are now responsive be default, websites use HTML5 technology to display differently on various screen sizes from big computer monitors, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Our native mobile apps a not web apps, but custom applications built specifically for mobiles only, using specific coding languages for their platform.

Mobile Application Design (iOS & Android)

We design native applications for both iOS and Android devices. Native apps are a great way to promote services to your customers, push information or as a tool to record/generate data. We custom design any app you require.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile responsive web applications work on all devices via your internet browser. All sites and applications are built to scale seamlessly to mobile screen resolutions so the experience always remains consistent. .

Mobile Development

Designing the web for Mobile only allows us to add specific mobile actions to HTML5 websites such tap to call phone numbers and targeted call to actions.

UX & UI Consultation

Regardless of device size or platform, a great user experiences and intuitive user interfaces are an essential part of our digital products. Contact Inbox Design to start your next project.

App's for Schools

For Schools, Communicating with their caregivers and community is a must, Inbox Design's iOS and Android app solution shows information, news, maps, contact information and events from KAMAR. View more about your school app's