At Inbox Design we can create bespoke solutions for every requirement. With handcrafted responsive web design and pixel based app design, we will build the right solution for you.

Web Design

You can lose a visitor in 3 seconds unless your site captures their interest - you need good content and a great design. See our portfolio and discover how Inbox Design can help you!

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Content Management

Introducing SalvageCMS: Our simple content management system that allows you to manage your website without ANY programming knowledge.

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Custom Development

Inbox Design build bespoke software solutions to suit your exact requirement using a range of programming languages including PHP/mySQL, FileMaker, Objective-C/Swift, Java and HTML5.

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KAMAR Integration

Student and Staff Login, Course Selection, News/Notices and Events - enter in to KAMAR and our solutions push the data to your website, mobile app or custom software.  You need it - we sync it.

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Business Solutions

Strategy & Planning, Project Management, User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Cloud-Based Infrastructure, Software Development, Support & Maintenance.

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Mobile App Development

A great addition to most web solutions. We can develop an app for you with a customised theme which will dovetail perfectly with your site.

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Selling online? We provide custom integrated payment solutions using industry experts Paystation, Payment Express, DPS, PayPal and PayMate mixed with SEO web design and useful customer/sales reporting to grow your online sales.

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API Integrations

One of the biggest benefits of working with Inbox Design is that we will always endeavour to get your website, applications and external services talking to each other . We can help your website or application talk to and integrate with many other services to save you time!

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MailChimp emailing

MailChimp is a brilliant tool for bulk emailing. We can set up integration with just about any external data source, such as KAMAR, PipeDrive etc.  You can then monitor responses to any emails distributed.

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