Sell digital tickets on your website

Inbox Design's eTicket system allows you to set up events on your website with ticket options. Making selling tickets to your events like School Ball's, Award Nights, Sports Events much much easier. 

Some features are:

  1. Standard and early bird pricing.
  2. Ticket availability tracking.
  3. Digitally email & download unique tickets.
  4. Online payments with DPS and PayStation
  5. Daily sales reports and onscreen reporting tools.
  6. Integrated directly into your school website.
  7. Easy to use, fast & secure.
  8. Use your existing payment gateway.
  9. Optionally capture purchases details, addresses and comments.

Simply Pricing:

With a small setup price of $600+GST and either recurring option below:

If you're running 20 events a year or just two, this is an affordable option for any school size. 

To discuss selling tickets on your website then call Inbox Design on 07 281 1600.