KAMAR Web Integration

We have a long and strong history with KAMAR. We actually developed the very first version of the KAMAR web portal, and have installed and themed the portal for many KAMAR schools across the country. We securely access information directly from your school's KAMAR database and integrate that data into your website. 

This allows us to pull and use information like:

  • Student, Caregiver and Staff Authentication
  • Personal Details
  • Daily Notices
  • School Calendar and open days
  • Student Timetable
  • iOS & Android apps

Once we have a connection with your KAMAR server we can complete a range of actions from embedding your schools public events as a calendar or upcoming events block on your website, or full course selection, goal-setting and pathway applications like our Schoolpoint Course Selection software. 

One of the most effective methods of not only reaching your intended audience but being able to tell which of them have engaged with you, is by running a MailChimp email campaign.
Inbox Design can integrate your KAMAR information into MailChimp to ensure you're reaching everyone you want to.  

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