KAMAR Student Portal for Schools

The KAMAR Student Web Portal provides the ability for schools to publish student information onto the web, for access by each student and their associated caregivers.

Inbox Design offers full installation, cloud hosting and theming for the KAMAR Web Portal.
The KAMAR Student Portal also known as 'The Parent Portal' and 'myStudent', but regardless of the name, we can setup and theme this to look similar to your schools website.

The KAMAR Portal is a stand alone application that talks directly with your KAMAR FileMaker Server, we can setup and theme this to look similar to your schools website. We can also customise your Moodle theme or design one from scratch. Moodle can be hosted securily on our servers, or setup inside your school with Moodle - KAMAR from ITed Services. *

Themes/Visual Design

Inbox Design can take the standard grey theme and completely customise it to blend in with your website for a seemless visitor experience.

Hosted Portal

We can host and maintain the portal on our dedicated portal servers to take the hastle away from maintaining your portal, updates, and breaking themes when technictions make unwanted chances.
Talk to us hosting options for your schools roll size.

Extending and Integrating

Inbox Design can extract information from the KAMAR Parent Portal and publish it directly on your website, this will save any double handling/entry and make your administration staff the happiest people in the staff room.
Possible options are:

  • Events Calendar
  • Daily Notices
  • Term Dates & Holidays
  • Timetable and Attendance Information.

Directory Sync Services

We now have the ability to sync full student, caregiver and staff lists, this allows us to write custom applications with live data from KAMAR. SchoolPoint our Online course section, pathways and student voice software uses live data sync so students and staff can authiencate in real-time.

Read more about the directory sync service and how to set it up for your school.

MailChimp Sync Services

Effective communication between your school and its students, caregivers and supporters is a must. Our sync option allows you to automaticlly push current staff, student and caregiver information in to Mailchimp (our preferred email marketing provider) means you can email out newsletters, news and upcoming events and anaylise who reads it, clicks which links, forwards the emails on, or which email's bounce back.

For more information about our KAMAR Portal services, call on 07 281 1600 or email us now

Notice from KAMAR: While all care has been taken, use of this portal to publish student information onto the internet is done so at the schools own risk. KAMAR Ltd will not be liable for any loss of information, or breach of access as a result of a school using this portal.

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* Moodle - KAMAR is provided and supported by ITed Services Limited.