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Inbox Design work with ITed Services to set up and theme your Moodle instance complete with the KAMAR Moodle SMS Blocks, a custom Theme to match your new website and our News Block to integrate your websites news directly in to your Moodle site. 

SchoolPoint Moodle Block. 

Download version 1.0 ( Requires PHP Source Gardian ).

Website News Moodle Block

Embed your news feed in to moodle, Contact us for your FREE Block. ( Requires your website to be developed by Inbox Design )

Office 365 Email Preview Block for Moodle

Inbox Design have developed a block that will authenticate the logged in Moodle user against Windows Azure/Office 365 API and embed a list of the users most recent emails. Contact us to discuss adding an email preview to your Moodle Dashboard.

Athaneaum Library Search

If your school uses Athaneaum, our block allows searching of books from the Moodle block to your Athaneaum Library web portal. We can set up or theme your Library portal if required - Call 07 281 1600 for this block or the portal set-up