KAMAR Directory Sync

The Inbox Design service 'KAMAR Directory Sync' gives schools a low overhead method to push School Student, Caregiver and Staff data to the suite of Inbox Design School Applications.


Please follow the below links to the KAMAR website on instructions for your technician to set up the sync service.
Note: You will require a password from Inbox Design before the sync with authenticate and transfer any data. 


This link explains how to install and enable the service on your KAMAR server: kamar.nz/schoolpoint ( kamar.nz/105314 )


Service Address: sync.schoolpoint.co.nz or kamarsync.inboxdesign.co.nz

Authentication: contact us for a unique token

Port: 443

Use SSL: Enabled

Enable: Photos

Enable: Password

NSN Numbers are optional.

KAMAR Directory Sync

More information about the sync can be found here: kamar.co.nz/105314

There will also need to be a full sync setup at a minimum of once per week. 

This explains how: kamar.co.nz/105374

On the first sync the service will push a full dataset to our server to may take a few minutes to run. 

All data transferred will be sent over a secure encrypted connection and all passwords will be encrypted before sending and saving.

Data will only be used in approved Inbox Design applications such as SchoolPoint and is subject to our Privacy Policy.