The Sweet Shop CRM

In 2015 Inbox Design were awarded the contract by the Sweet Shop, an Auckland-based international company to develop a new Contact, Staff and Project Management System for the business - AKA a custom CRM.

Their existing system was built for desktop functionality using FileMaker and was not conducive to multiple, simultaneous remote accesses connections which was a requirement for their various locations around the globe.

We worked closely with the team at The Sweet Shop to build a sleek, robust web-based CRM system which will do everything they require and load fast from various geolocated services close to their international offices.

Using our existing FileMaker knowledge we build exporting scripts to sync data from their production FileMaker databases into our development database during the build, then when our new custom built PHP/MySQL CRM was ready, one final data sync and ten years worth of data was available in their brand new web-based system.

Phase one was to create the base CRM / Job system that replicated the FileMaker functionality.

Once the base functionality was in place we extended the Job Details area to allow Credit and Role assignments and a detailed Job Planner.

Phase two was to take the feedback from development and explore the new possibilities of their custom web-based CRM while fine-tuning the UI and UX aspects of the CRM.

Going forward we continually work with the world-wide team at the Sweet Shop to extend and grow the CRM as they grow and their business requirements change.

Technically the CRM is built using trusted technologies and we manage the full operations and development stack on a number of search through New Zealand, America and Asia.

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