Grandmother's Garden eCommerce & Filemaker Website

The Grandmother's Garden website was built using PHP and mySQL interfacing directly with FileMaker to power over 5000 products, product photos and customer/order data.

Technologies Used:

With a scripted interface to ensure consistency between the local product table and the product_date table in mySQL from the Grandmother's Garden store in Hamilton to our servers in an Auckland based datacenter FileMaker seamlessly sync's data between the two locations  to allow for live customer and order data to be processed in-store, and product status and stock levels showing online.
The technology used is FileMakers ESS capability (External SQL Data Source) to move data back and forth between mySQL and FileMaker Pro.

The responsive site with touch-capable drag and drop design wall allows customers to lay out several fabrics to aid in their order making process, then easy options to save fabrics their wishlists or direct to checkout.

Sheldon has the gift of being able to understand the core requirements of an E-commerce web site and write the underlying code which provides an effective user experience.
John Wolff, Director at Grandmother's Garden Patchwork & Quilting

Payment token information is securily generated via PayStation and encrypted for easy customer checkout.

If you have a FileMaker solution that requires an efficient customer friendly web interface, contact Inbox Design on 07 281 1600.